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2010-2011 Winter produced significant snowfalls and snow accumulation

The 2010-2011 Winter produced significant snowfalls and snow accumulation. Many building owners were hiring crews to hand shovel the roofs of their buildings during this period of time. Successive snow falls that accumulate on the roof of a building without being shoveled off or melting continue to add weight that needs to be supported by the structure below. The structure of many buildings were not designed to support the historic total accumulation that occurred in the 2011-2012 Winter without shoveling and as a result the roofs became overloaded and the result was excessive deflection or permanent damage to the structure.

Engineering New York

Fennell Engineering is dedicated to offering the highest quality structural engineering and consulting services. With experience in both structural engineering and building construction, we are able to provide our clients with innovative and economical structural designs that allow projects to be built in the most efficient manner.

Our engineering experience allows us to succeed in interpreting the design criteria and endeavor to design structural systems in keeping with the architect’s and owners ideas as well as within the project budget. We are positioned to undertake projects and provide all necessary structural consulting services, utilizing any form of building material, in order to assist clients in completing construction documents while minimizing financial impact.

We are active in consulting engineering for a variety of structural needs. Most of our work involves structural modifications to existing buildings in the New York City market, including bearing wall design, evaluation of the impact of adding loading on existing structures, building code analysis, exterior façade inspection and repair as well as forensic inspection.

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