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Forensic Building Inspection allows the homeowner to be advised of the issues and problems that often begin to develop within building and home interior and exterior features.

At first you may detect odors, possibly mildew or mold, moisture and wet areas that are clearly at a level that requires immediate attention before it may cause major damage. Even to the point of not only severe damage to the property but personal injury as well. This is when a Forensic Building Inspection is called for.

You may notice interior or exterior walls, or paint, developing breaks, cracks, and peeling, followed by stains or other signs of deterioration. Without a Forensic Building Inspection, the homeowner is experiencing what many, many others have found as well, after investing so much money and time. Now the structure may be decaying beyond anything formerly expected. Some are obviously innocent and mistakenly overlooked accidents that have gotten out of their control, and did not initially utilize a building inspection. The integrity of the home is lost in many cases due to the original design and construction, not by misguidance of the homeowner.

Damage often reveals itself, after being undetected for several years and repair costs have run completely out of the homeowner’s control. At this point it would be wise to seek a qualified, experienced and competent professional to evaluate your home situation utilizing a formal Forensic Building Inspection.




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